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Here are some of my articles from Psychology Today:   

Abuse That’s Hard to Recognize: Coercive Control

Is Your Partner is Too Controlling?

Perspecticide: What a Controlling Relationship is Really Like

When a Relationship Makes You Sick

Stealth Abuse of College Women: Coercive Control on Campus

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8 Ways Controlling Men Make Mothering Even Harder

Recovery After a Controlling Relationship

Divorce Your (Bad) Mother: How to Love Her and Still Be Free

Building Resilience After Trauma: Lessons from Chile

LGBT Baby Boomer Sex: The Good, the Bad and the Loving

The Prenup Trap: Premarital Agreements and Coercive Control


These are in The Huffington Post:

It Felt Like Love (But It Was Coercive Control)

Recovering from a Coercive Control Relationship: Free At Last!

Signs Your Partner Is Too Controlling

Do Abusive Men Change?

Teens Trapped by Coercive Control

8 Subtle Signs that this Date Should Be the Last

Confronting Coercive Control in Queer Couples

Videos and Television:

The Ties that Bind

What Is Coercive Control?

Invisible Chains: Overcoming Coercive Control in Your Intimate Relationship

Getting Free from a Coercive Control Relationship

Helping a Person Get Free from a Coercive Control Relationship

Tips for Foreign Language Interpreters in Child Forensic Interviews for Suspected Child Maltreatment


Other Blog Posts

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An article about me from the Daily Hampshire Gazette:

Invisible Chains: Amherst Psychologist’s New Book Sheds Light on Emotional Abuse

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