Trainings, Presentations and Workshops:

Depending on the goals of the organizers, these workshops can be highly interactive or more didactic. I am happy to work with you to design trainings to meet your goals. Most of these workshops can range in length from 1 to 3 hours–or even an entire day– depending on the depth of coverage you are seeking. I am also happy to design original trainings to meet the needs of your community or organization.


Working Positively with Culturally Diverse Families on Issues of Physical Abuse & Discipline
This workshop explores the delicate and controversial line between corporal punishment and physical abuse, and how ethnic culture influences our work on these issues. Participants learn practical techniques for helping families from all groups reduce their use of violent parenting with their children. Examples are drawn from African American, European American, Somali, Latino, Asian, religious, and military families.


Invisible Chains:  Coercive Control in Intimate Relationships

Coercive control is a strategy some people (mostly men!) use to dominate their intimate partners and maintain their privileges. It usually includes some combination of degrading, isolating, micromanaging, manipulating, stalking, physically abusing, sexual coercion, threatening or punishing.  This interactive presentation describes how coercive control shows up in the lives of real people–and what we can do about it. The presentation includes original drawings created by artist, Liz Bannish.


Interviewing Culturally Diverse Children & Families about Child Maltreatment

Discussing suspected maltreatment with children and families can be difficult and painstaking work. Interviews often become more complicated when the interviewer and interviewee come from different cultural groups. This workshop provides concrete examples and advice for conducting child abuse interviews in ways that welcome diverse families, and elicit the most accurate information possible. This workshop is relevant for all professionals in the field, whatever your context. Examples included from diverse cultures.


Sexual Coercion in the Context of Coercive Control

Teen and adult men often sexually coerce their wives and girlfriends as part of a broader controlling strategy.  With original drawings and compelling stories, this presentation explains coerciive control and shows how “sex on demand” fits alongside isolation, threats, monitoring, manipulating, stalking and—sometimes but not always—physical violence. Participants will then discuss ways to stop and prevent sexual coercion through addressing coercive control more broadly.


Working with Culturally Diverse Families on Issues of Child Sexual Abuse
In this workshop participants learn about some of the cultural factors that influence families’ responses to child sexual abuse. Participants learn concrete techniques for working with diverse families on this difficult topic, taking advantage of family and cultural strengths. Examples included from diverse cultures.


Child Sexual Abuse and Latino Families
This workshop provides practical advice on working with Latino families, victims and survivors on issues of child sexual abuse. The workshop includes a focus on the intense shame felt by many Latinos when facing child sexual abuse.


Statutory Rape: Lust & the Law in the Multicultural United States

How are we to understand the problem of statutory rape? On one hand, sometimes the participants talk about being “in love.” On the other, the relationships may look exploitative to outsiders, and may be illegal. This problem is even more complicated when it involves participants who claim their relationships are acceptable in their cultures.